Your dollar matters!

Did you know that a portion of the sales tax you pay when you purchase items in Concord helps to maintain and improve the city of Concord’s superior quality of life?

 About 45% of the city’s budget comes from sales tax revenue! The more Concord residents use their buying power to purchase goods and services within the community, the more resources the city has to spend on services that directly benefit you and your family. These services include Police that ensure the safety and well being of the community, quality parks, and recreation programs for your leisure enjoyment, street maintenance programs that keep our streets well-maintained and free of potholes, and numerous programs for our seniors and youth. To view information on city services and programs, visit the city’s Web site at www.cityofconcord.org

The dollars you spend in Concord also help to support Concord businesses that, in turn, employ people who then spend their wages in our community. This creates a strong ripple effect that fuels Concord’s economic engine.

 Concord is a five star retail location

Centrally and conveniently located, Concord offers you a diverse assortment of large retailers, shopping centers, restaurants, auto dealers and smaller mom-and-pop businesses. You can shop ‘till you drop at three popular regional shopping centers – Sunvalley, The Willows and Park & Shop. You can purchase any make or model of car under the sun at Concord’s automotive dealers. No matter what goods or services you need for yourself, your family, or your business, the many national and local retailers in Concord provide you with convenience, quality, and competitive prices.

Only in Concord can you purchase the latest electronic items at Fry’s Electronics or test drive the latest automobiles and have dinner at one of over 250 popular restaurants – all in one afternoon! With so many choices just a hop, skip and jump away, and knowing you are supporting the community you live in, WHY SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE?

So the next time you are thinking of buying a new or used car, appliances, clothes, or a home theatre system, THINK CONCORD FIRST AND BUY CONCORD!

Sales Tax: Where Your Dollars Go

Six agencies share the pie.

When you purchase most items, you also pay sales tax. In Contra Costa County, sales tax is 9.25 percent. So for every dollar of taxable sales, 9.25 cents is collected. Where does it all go? If you buy in Concord, it goes to the following:


So for every taxable dollar spent in Concord, the City of Concord gets 3/4 of one penny.





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